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Version history

This list charts the development of The Tombs since the first version that was made publicly available (0.9.130). The most recent version is first on the list. Please note that some builds are in-house only, and are not released to the web; all changes are cumulative, and include these local builds.

The following magical effects are active in the most recent build:

  • ALL prayers are now active!
  • Armos / Armos / Compulsion
  • Armos / Armos / Control
  • Meli / Armos / Corruption
  • Wehlm / Armos / Compulsion
  • Wehlm / Meli / Constancy
  • Banyin / Meli / Constancy
  • Meli / Corruption / Corruption


  • Added a more elaborate animation to signal leveling up. Hopefully, this one will draw the player's attention without being obnoxious.
  • Addressed some timing issues with lineOfSight calculations and the preview box, fixing several errors. Most notably, buying "hidden pouch" or "esteemed family" should no longer result in black spots on the ground until you leave your character screen.
  • Added windows-style close boxes in the upper-right-hand corner of each info panel. They're a little ugly, but at hopefully that will make it more obvious how to get out of those screens (you can also press the corresponding key or click the highlighted bar on the left to close a screen).
  • Removed the animated boulder's physical resistance. He was nearly invincible before. He's not a pushover now, but at least he's killable.
  • Added an info box with the player's attack rating to the inventory screen.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the player from picking up magical runes while he has a full backpack (runes aren't stored in the backpack!).
  • "Imbue Shards" no longer leaves the player inventory in an error state when used on a two-handed weapon.
  • Gameover text now includes game version, date, and time.
  • Added a text blurb to the gameover screen drawing attention to the fact that you can copy-and-paste from that screen.
  • Fleshed out the dialogue box system. (largely an internal change)
  • Added the option to quit the game at any time by pressing "Q". This lets players who've grown bored or run out of time still get the gameover box with their character information.
  • Added a "?" button to the main gameplay screen. Click it to get a partial list of keyboard commands.
  • Fixed a (hopefully undiscovered!) loophole allowing a player accessing the SWF directly to get to the debug buttons and give himself infinite life, XP, mana, etc. Whoops. ^_^
  • Keyboard commands no longer function while a dialogue box is opened, preventing odd things like closing the inventory screen while selecting which hand for a ring/weapon.


  • Took away the Pooka and Spook armor values and decreased their HP. They still have 90% physical resistance, so don't expect them to be pushovers, but they're not the unkillable juggernauts they once were.
  • Tweaked the KeySlower, which will hopefully now prevent you from holding down a key and having the game stop updating the graphics. The problem with no animation frames being displayed (due to too much code being shoved through the pipe) is that it screws up certain things that rely on subsequent frames to work, such as item declarations. This should fix the bug where people were picking up undefined objects.
  • Added the VI-style keys, which do NOT make use of the numpad. See the manual for a graphic depicting the new keys.
  • Redesigned a couple parts of the character screen. The diamond-style layout of the resistances now better represent which resists oppose which, and the key helps new players realize that a red-text resistance is NOT a good thing. Plus, the status area was simply way larger than was warranted for a rarely used info pane.


  • Fixed the "infinite runes" bug if you closed the magic screen while viewing a tablet.
  • Fixed the game-breaking bug that caused "dropping" and item from the backpack to act like "unequipping" it. The cumulative dodge bonus from all those crappy stone/woven straw items being dropped made the player unkillable very quickly. The odd resistance bug from the woven straw was caused by this bug, too.
  • Added a way to see your actual, numerical experience points: hover the mouse over the XP wheel in the main gameplay screen.
  • Corrected the erroneous information in the text for the prayer "Last Stand".


    Note: The following list is severely incomplete. The changes between version 140 and version 197 encompass hundreds of hours of coding over a 2 year period, and not all changes were well documented.
  • Redesigned creatures to allow palette shifts for multiple creature types
  • Rewrote most current creatures to reflect the new system
  • Added roughly 30+ new creatures
  • Redesigned items to be built on-the-fly from a table of archetypes, materials, prefixes, and suffixes
  • Rewrote most current items to reflect new system
  • Added roughly 50+ item archetypes
  • Each of the 7 categories of item (weaponSharp, weaponBlunt, weaponFlex, weaponBow, armorMetal, armorFlex, and Shield) now has a table of 10 base materials
  • Added several UI elements, including the element bar, the dungeon depth indicator, and the TU timer
  • Added the Credits pane to the title screen
  • Added a system for status effects like "blindness" or "poison" to the game, including the pane in the character panel to depict each effect
  • Redesigned the spell system to make adding new spells quicker and easier
  • Added a system for the player to have positive or negative "proficiency" with certains spells or types of spell/magical effect
  • Added roughly 30 magical effects
  • Added much more information to the secondary stats section of the character panel
  • Added support for ranged attacks, either magical or through ranged weapons, with many different options for type
  • Greatly expanded the Game Over screen information
  • Added roughly 200 new skills, including a weapon skill system, martial arts, dual-stat skills, potential stat increases, more level 1 options, etc
  • Disabled the vestigal Reorder button on inventory screen. Soon to be replaced with a "Sort" button
  • Added the option to zoom out the preview pane, giving it the much more useful 3x3 option in addition to the previous 1x1
  • Tweaked combat to be more exciting in several fundamental ways
  • Added life and mana regeneration
  • Rewrote formulas for calculating maximum life/mana from vigor/willpower/stamina
  • Altered the default "look" of the Tombs to the current green style, which is much easier on the eyes
  • Added rune descriptions to the magic panel
  • Tweaked numerous gameplay elements for balance (still has a ways to go, though)


  • Removed a lot of debugging crap I left in the last release. Whoops. Well, at least y'all could see what the game was doing behind the scenes for once.
  • Masked the outside border, so that people who access the SWF directly (naughty, naughty!) no longer can reach the debugging tools or see the char/mag/inv screens off to the side.
  • Embedded the fonts for the message box and life/mana/xp bars. This makes the fonts much cleaner and easier to read, though it increases the file size somewhat; worthwhile trade-off, I believe.
  • Finally remembered to make the little "XP" text on the xp wheel unselectable. That one's been bugging me. ^_^
  • Rewrote the forumulas for attack rating and dodge rating calculations during combat. Much less randomness now at earlier levels; no more "tink tink SPLAT" combat. (For those interested, instead of adding attackModifier or dodgeModifier to 1d30, similar to D&D, it rolls the 1d30 and modifies the attack/dodge by between .5 and 1.5 based on the result.)
  • Added the "smell" ability to creatures. Some creatures can smell their targets, which essentially means they can see them through walls. Nothing has a smell distance right now; I was going to give it to Scruffy, but occasionally he'll smell something on the other side of a wall and get "stuck". I'll be using this in later spells, though, so at least the feature is there.
  • Player was unable to attack psycho creatures (man, I broke a lot of stuff with last night's changes). Fixed.


  • Split the creature movement code in two, and reorgnized global action order when the player moves. Put simply, this means creatures move, THEN the player line of sight is called, THEN they attack. This fixes newly visible creatures reporting their names as "something", or newly hidden creatures giving their real names.
  • In the process of reworking creature movements, found a quick way to make this process much easier (removed some unnecesary recursion).
  • Added "psycho" creatures, i.e. creatures that are neither tame nor hostile and move towards/attack anything. Set rabid dogs to psycho to test this feature, a setting I think I'll leave active, since it makes sense. Note that creatures will attack a psycho creature in self defense, but no hostile creature will move towards a tame, friendly, or psycho creature of their own volition (they assume all other non-player creatures are similarly aligned until adjacent and hostile).
  • Fixed tame/friendly creatures' movement. Turns out "friendly" creatures were acting like "psychos" were supposed to when other friendlys were around. Well, at least it made writing the psycho code easier. ^_^
  • Added two new features to help creatures following the player (both hostile and tame) to track him better. No longer does the creature know merely "where player last was seen" but also "which way he was going when he was last seen".


  • Complete overhaul of the creature movement system. Creatures will handle crowded areas a lot better now.
  • Complete overhaul of the creature matrix. There are now different levels of chance for each creature to spawn: common, uncommon, rare, and very rare.
  • Added support for named creatures. Fixed all necessary description functions to act properly around this. See "Scruffy the pet dog" for example.
  • Added creature experience levels, both positive and negative.
  • Added bonus levels granted to creature at creation: creatures that are more powerful than they should be on a certain level get nerfed, and *gulp* vice versa.
  • Added tame/friendly/hostile/noncombatant attitude and moveStyle control. Allows pets, allies, and characters like merchants or quest-givers if I decide to do those.
  • Rewrote the creature attack system to allow creatures to attack other creatures.
  • Yanked out the remainder of the ill-fated creature pathfinding code. Flash MX is NOT fast enough for this to work, so no reason to leave it in. *sigh* There's three days of programming I want back.
  • Tweaked some monster values to be fairer.
  • Tweaked some monster values to be less fair. (Scruffy is one bad bitch!)
  • Changed the monster description system. Updated all current creatures to coincide.
  • Actually changed the version number on the finished, uploaded product this time. ^_^
  • Added a placeNearby function to drop things near the player, and discovered in the process that the game engine handles the player and a creature in the same spot just fine. Good to know.
  • Tweaked the experience granting code; tame creatures within eyesight split their experience with player, player kills get full experience, any other situations grant player no experience.
  • Added experience/description code to deal with a companion attacking or being attacked by a creature outside of player vision (refers to it as "something" and rewards no XP if the creature killed isn't visible).
  • Stepped upgrade points per level back to 5. Still start with 10, but 10 per level was way too much.
  • Added a number of different customizable behavoirs, such as marching and patrols, for when a creature cannot see the player.
  • Other minor cosmetic/internal changes.


  • Fixed some typos. Wilful IS an accepted spelling... but not a common one.


  • Added GameOver text box, so you know how you died.
  • Prevented enemies from attacking player AFTER he was dead
  • All player damage now supplies a reason, so that the player will know why he died


  • First edition on site with version number included.
  2003 Martin Woodard